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New in stock! A range of energy aura/room sprays energetically charged with crystals and Acturian light codes under a moonlight with essential oils and flower essences to vibrationally alter your energy and that of your surroundings 

Plant based Skincare and Aromatherapy products

Handmade in Huddersfield, Yorkshire 


Cruelty free

No artificial colours or fragrances 

No parabens

No mineral oils

Free delivery on orders over £40 and any Lip balm orders



We care about the environment and we care about you and what you put onto your skin

We use plant extracts in our products which are synergistic with essential oils helping the oils to reach their full potential

We use a variety of vegetable and fruit oils which are nutrient enriched and vibrationally enhance the condition of your skin

We use plant butters and waxes only to enrich our products

We only have two products in our range that are water based in these we use plant derived extracts and safe and eco friendly preservatives

We have never tested on animals but have tried and tested on human volunteers



Prices without VAT or delivery. We do not charge VAT